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Whether you are just thinking about a home remodeling project or already have plans drawn up, Seattle Remodeling offers a full range of design, renovation and construction services. Please take a moment to look over some of the resources we have available.

Draw Your Dream

You don't necessarily need a professional to do your dreaming for you. You can begin sketching out your ideas and imagining your remodeled home today. If you are adding or expanding a room, think about how the new space will be used and how the changes will affect traffic patterns. Remodeling a kitchen or a bath? Make a list of the important items you want to enhance or emphasize. Is it Style, Function, Ease of use? A simple pad of paper, a pencil and a tape measure will open many options and begin to solidify your dream.

Get Ideas!

One of the best ways to get inspiration and to avoid problems is by looking at what others have done. Take a moment to look through our Projects page and see the dreams Seattle Remodeling has helped to create.

Get a General Idea of Cost.

Having a good idea of the general cost of your remodeling project is always a great place to start. Keep in mind that every project is different and many factors influence the price of your project. These factors can include the size,  the location, your home's structure and property conditions and many more. The following  link will aide in  giving you a general idea of a price for your project. read more...

What about Permits

Most Cities and Counties require permits for remodeling projects. The building permit assures that the remodeling project meets local building codes and safety regulations. If you live in a historic district, the permit also assures that exterior changes to your home are in keeping with neighborhood guidelines. General contractors can advise you of the necessary paperwork or even take care of the entire permit process for you.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiencies mean cost savings. Sometimes being green can pay off. Incorporating green practices can save you money down the road by enhancing the efficiency of your home's overall energy usage.  Updating windows, upgrading insulation  and draft reduction are simple ways to drastically reduce your energy usage. Especially in the NW, solar and wind power used to supplement the energy you use from the power grid has become a very viable option for homeowners. With new technologies and tax incentives these options are more economical then ever before. Look at these investments over 10-15 years and they can more than pay for your complete remodel. Visit the Energy Star web site for additional information on tax incentives and energy savings.

Choosing a  General Contractor:

When the time comes to choose a general contractor, how will you distinguish between a certified, experienced professional contractor and a corner-cutting contractor? A little research and some probing questions can help you make the right decision and save you time and money.

Planning is the foundation for a successful remodeling or building job. Having specific, detailed plans allow the contractor to more accurately estimate the cost and length of time involved. A good general contractor appreciates an informed customer; so educating yourself on the project and the expertise required to complete the job is extremely beneficial.  read more...


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